Our mission for this convenience store placemaking project was to create a new identity for this secluded, yet centrally located 49ers convenience store located on the Cal State University, Long Beach campus. Researching student and youth lifestyle activities inspired us to capitalize on the term YOLO, meaning YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, for the store's identity and to drive our design concept. We transformed the store with a strategy of using super graphics and a vivid, vibrant, and fun color palette to attract attention to this difficult-to-see store. We also added a fresh  produce section and a seating area in the store interior, turning the place into a comfortable and healthy store for students to visit.


The YOLO design project received the second place award from the store's management.


Designers: Tam Tran and Zoey Zhang





The 49ers' major problem is that there is no signage or strong graphic presence along the highest traffic zones. A significant missed opportunity.

Store is hidden behind an empty corner, creating a blinder.

No healthy produce for students' choices combined with a bland Interior, resulting in an unmemorable experience.


South Facade of the store is highlighted with super graphic type and a vibrant color palette.

West wall is filled with the interesting images of healthy activites, which are the drive of YOLO meaning.

View of bar seating area


View  to the West wall. Some appliances, like the cooler and coffee counter, are kept to optimize the owner's budget. We replaced the old shelves with a sleek new modern design with rounded edges to reinforce the flowing lines in the new identity. The space in the middle of the store can fit an entire shelf row while still providing a three foot wide circulation area on both sides.

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